Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Discover new blogs with the Liebstar Award.

I am very honoured and happy to have been one of the 10 blogs nominated by Kellie from Give a Girl a Blog for The Liebster Award.

I was curious about where the Liebster Award originated from. I have learnt that "liebster" means dearest in German and the idea behind the award is to nominate blogs that you hold dear (i.e. love reading!) and give them with the recognition they deserve by links to them with your own readers.

Once nominated, the nominee may choose to play along by answering 11 questions provided by the nominating blogger, and then nominate and notify another 10 bloggers and provide them with a new set of questions to answer.

I loved Kellie's questions! The last one I found to be the trickiest. Here are my answers

1. Favourite flower/plant? Tulips and/or Lilies. 

Lilies from mum's garden. 

2. If you could have one thing, that you don't have right now, what would it be (can be person/object etc)? 

My Grandparents. My Grandma did not meet my boys and I know that she would have adored them. Grandma and Grandad are a package deal so I would like both of them.

3. Favourite day of the week? I have Fridays off work, so my favourite day is Thursday!

4. Something you cherish? My family and friends. I would be lost without them. 

5. A food you couldn't live without?
Rice! haha, sounds boring but I am gluten intolerant so i need something to fill my hungry belly! I went grain free last year but I was too hungry to stick with it. 

6. Song that gets you moving?
Right now, Happy by Pharrell Williams. My 6 year old LOOOOVES this song so we put it on repeat and we get to dance around like a couple of crazy kids.

7. When you are not blogging you are...? a crafting-snap-happy working mum and household "manager".

8. Drink of choice? I love a hot cup of tea, anytime of day. 

9. Reason you started your blog?
I started my blog after I joined Stampin' Up as a hobby demonstrator to showcase products in use. But I soon gave that up to focus on memory keeping and discovered the wonderful world of Project Life. Now I blog about that :) 

10. Favourite craft? Paper crafting. Specifically, pocket page scrapbooking. 

11. Person you most admire?
I admire different qualities in many people, including family, friends, my children, and friends I have never met in person.
If I had to choose only one, I would say my mother. She was a young single mother, abandoned by my father whilst pregnant with my brother, she sacrifices for us, and lives with an open heart and loves unconditionally. She's amazing.

Thanks Kellie for nominating my humble little blog.

I'll be back soon to share my nominees for the Liebster Award, along with my 11 questions.


  1. Loved reading all your answers Sue!

  2. Great post, loved reading your answers Sue :) And guess what? We dance around crazy to Happy too, what an awesome song hey? Lol x


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