Hello, and welcome to The Making Table.

My name is Sue, and The Making Table is a place where I can share my memory keeping journey. Hopefully it will inspire you to create, and document the amazingness of your every day life.

Documenting and memory keeping brings me joy. It reminds me to be grateful for everyday moments, and allows me to visually record these moments for my children and future generations.

It's about telling my story which is also the story of my children. Memory keeping has allowed me to realise my natural love of papercrafts, digital design, writing and photography.

Discovering the craft of memory keeping was like finally discovery my deeper purpose. 

I believe "A photo is just a photo, until you tell the story to make it a memory."


  1. Hi, just found my way over from Pink Ronnie and love your log. Have subscribed :)

    1. Hi Carin, thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment. Appreciate it :-)


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