Monday, 19 January 2015

PROJECT LIFE | May 2013 overview spread

I love all the beautiful journal card designs on The Lilypad, but one thing has stopped me from buying. I didn't know how to best print them!

Sounds a bit silly, right?

Of course I could print onto my glossy photo paper, but I wanted the option to journal directly onto my cards, and I prefer to write on matte paper. 

Recently I found some matte 4 x 6 photo paper at Officeworks and it is awesome! Needless to say, I have stocked up on some lovely digital journal cards.

For May 2013, I also did a Mother's Day page, and Sunset Play page to complete the month's documentation. Here's my May 2013 overview spread:



I just love the journal card designs from One Little Bird

I got permission from my husband to share his oversized ears photo. That "You're Weird" stamp from Kellie Stamps was perfect for it.

My next layout will be for something a little more recent. Our visit to Movieworld!

Hope your week is awesome! xx

Supplies: Digital journal cards from One Little Bird, Stamps from Kellie Stamps, Becky Higgins Design C page protectors.

Monday, 12 January 2015

PROJECT LIFE | Mother's Day 2013

I managed to finish another page over the weekend.

This time it was a page for Mother's Day a few years ago.

For me, themed or event based pages (ie. a birthday, a day out, a family gathering etc) are easier and quicker to pull together than my monthly overview spreads. Selecting photos is the part I find the most challenging because I want to include everything!

Here's the 

This page is quite photo heavy but I suppose that's why we do scrapbooking, whether it be pocket page or traditional. The whole premise is to get our photos out of our electronic devices and printed so we can enjoy them. 

Here's a close up:

I'm moving on to the May 2013 monthly overview spread next. And because I started with Nov 2013 (December was overwhelming) working backwards, I'll have past the half way point soon!

Supplies: Digital cards Becky Higgins (Maggie Holmes), Stamps from Kellie Stamps, Becky Higgins Design C page protectors.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

PROJECT LIFE | Sunset Play

I'm sharing a layout today that I quickly finished last night.

These photos of the boys at sunset were taken by my husband on his phone camera. I remember him showing me these photos and being blown away by the amazing colours he captured. 

I especially love the photo of my youngest playing in water, taken from a distance. Looks like he's walking on water. 

I decided not to use any filler cards, stamps or embellishments on this page because the photos by themselves are so pretty.

Well that's it from me today. I'm off to finish another page I have in progress! 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

PROJECT LIFE | June 2013 for Mr 7's album

I've been thinking a lot about how i will approach my memory keeping this year, and I'm excited to continue with pocket page scrapbooking with monthly and event based spreads, with a few added side projects. More on that in another post when I have it figured out some more.

I'm still working on 2013, and today I'm sharing a spread from my youngest's album for the month of June. 

It was around this time that he started to spend A LOT of time sitting at the dining table drawing for hours and hours. And he went through a phase of drawing a lot of punks with piercings and tattoos.

I also included a physical shipping tag my little man made for me. He spent a a few hours in my craft room one afternoon playing with my stamps, inks and other bits and pieces. I really love what he made.

Here's the spread: 



I'm feeling inspired and excited about getting more scrapping done this year!

I am also joining in with the January challenge from Life Zesters, a new challenge site directed to Project Lifers or those wanting to start Project Life. Check them out here and join in the fun!

Supplies: Digital cards from Paislee Press and One Little Bird, Stamps from Kellie Stamps, Becky Higgins Design C page protectors.