Saturday, 22 March 2014

Our Wedding Album

Sam and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary today. I use the word "celebrate" loosely as we aren't doing anything special lol! 

We did wish eachother a happy anniversary, and continued our conversation about our non-existent celebrations with him in the study, me in the kitchen, and Minecraft blaring from the television as the boys continued their gaming banter.

I thought today would be a good day to give you a peek at our wedding album which I finished in December 2012, a few months before our 10th anniversary. Better late than never!

Before I get into the wedding album, a quick note to my lovely bloglovin' followers to let you know my last post did not appear on bloglovin'. So here's the link to my last Project Life page share if you would like to have a look.

Okay. The wedding album...

I used a post bound album as it was before I discovered pocket pages, and I have used only a few patterned papers throughout the album. I bought the oriental themed papers many many years ago because I loved the pattern even though I didn't have a specific project in mind. The white paper was purchased specifically for the wedding album. I love the subtle shimmery pin stripes.

This is the cover/title page of the album. Oh my goodness, we look like a couple of spring chickens in this photo!

This is the first LHS page of the album. I printed directly onto the white pin stripe paper and used the gold oriental paper as a border.

For each double spread, I alternated between the red and gold patterned paper for the strip on the bottom of each page. I matted each of the photos on black card stock.

I also included the card that we sent out to guests about the tea ceremony and the significance within Chinese culture. The symbol on the red envelope and the heart sticker means "double happiness" -- the theme for our wedding. 

And the last page of the album are our wedding vows which have also been printed on the pin stripe card stock.

So there it is. A quick peek into our wedding album. I am also very happy to say that Sam loves it too, makes it all worth the time and effort.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

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  1. I found you through Kellie, and I'm so glad I did.
    This is so lovely ! You looked beautiful. I'm not a big traditional scrapbooker but you have inspired me to use my postbound album for something with a similar style to this, nice and simple. Now to think what to create...


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