Monday, 11 March 2013

Hello Project Life!

It has been a while since my last post. But i have a very good excuse. You see, I have been admiring people's Project Life pages! Yep, that's all i have been doing for weeks! And i have finally completed a few pages of my own which i will share with you soon.  

If you haven't heard of Project Life, please visit the Becky Higgins blog and be inspired!

From a very young age, I loved lettering. My favourite part of doing school projects was bringing out my stash of lettering books and tracing them with my pencil onto tracing paper, scribbling on the back and retracing onto my project. And then colouring it all in - ahh, those were the days.

I spent hours writing, and then rewriting my projects to get my handwriting just right because i couldn't decide which of handwriting styles i wanted use. Straight up and and down, curvy, curly, angled, right leaning, left leaning. I'm sure my gorgeous mum was a little baffled as to how i could possibly have so many types of handwriting.

To this day, I am still fascinated with handwriting and fonts. And I love inspirational quotes and sayings that either make me laugh, smile, trigger a memory or bring me to be in the present moment. What's even more fun is combining the two! 

When putting together my first Project Life pages (randoms dating back to 2000!), I wanted to use quotes or write my own sayings that conveyed the emotion or story of my layouts.

Here's s few of them and they are free to download for your own personal use. Aside from my handwriting, I have used a free font called Typenoksidi from  

If you use the cards in a layout that is shared on your blog, would be lovely if you could link back to this blog. 

Send me a link or photo of the cards in your albums. I would LOVE to see them. 

 3x4 "To the Moon" filler cards in pink and aqual. Download here.

3x4 "You are my Sunshine" filler card. Download here.

Set of 6x4s to match the "You are my Sunshine" 3x4 card. Download here.

Set of 2 6x4s and 3 3x4s in The Love Starts Here theme. Download here.

Thanks for visiting. I'll share some more as i create them xx


  1. Thanks Susan - these are really beautiful sentiments & so cute!

    1. Thanks Suze! looking forward to making some more soon! :-)

  2. lovely designs, thanks very much.

    1. thank you. hope you get some use out of them :-)

  3. Thank you! These are lovely! :)

    1. Thanks Leighna! So glad you like them :-)

  4. Thanks a lot for these cute freebies! I've bookmarked you so hopefully I remember to show you some photos of your cards in my album :)

  5. Thank you Birgit for visiting and leaving a comment :-) Look forward to seeing how you use the cards!


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