Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My November Daily Scripting Challenge

I finally say down last week to make a card for a good friend of mine who'd recently had a beautiful baby girl. In my mind, I pictured a card with her daughter's name scripted. I've been trying on and off with my attempts to letter with a brush for almost a year without success. I was almost ready to let it go as one of those things I could not do.

But I couldn't let it go just yet.  

When all the brush lettering started appearing on Instagram a year or so ago, I was in awe. In love. And in envy. Why could my hand not script!?

My beautiful friend Tanyalee from The Drawing Board knows of this obsessive struggle of mine to brush script. I am grateful for her indestructible patience and sincere encouragement because it was Tanyalee who mentioned Random Olive to me. Seeing Random Olive's Instagram videos was the turning point and through practice I saw tiny bits of progress. I even got the card made for baby Charlotte.


I have learnt so much just from practicing every day over the last few weeks. 

I realise now that brush size matters. I needed a small brush as this was most comfortable in my hand.  

I was still practicing my scripting late on 31st October. As it reached midnight, I realised we were venturing into a new month, it was now November. It was then that I set myself the challenge to script every day for the entire month of November. And so the hashtag #novdailyscripting was created. This will be my motivation to commit to a daily scripting practice that will hopefully see improvement in my scripting.

Here's what I've shared so far on Instagram:

It's not too late to jump on board and practice your scripting this month. Use the hashtag #novdailyscripting on Instagram if you want to join in!

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