Saturday, 6 September 2014

"Let your imagination fly" says Mr 6.

Our children are wiser than we think.

I have had tears from Jacob, my 6 year old over the last few days whilst he tries to draw a mascot for his school. It's a competition, and he is putting a little bit too much pressure on himself.  

In his Prep year (2013), he sat for hours at the dining table drawing. I know he can draw -- here are some of his drawings from last year. He went through a punk phase, as you will see...

We had a chat this morning about how he thinks he just can't draw and that he cannot think of ideas for the school mascot competition. I told him to let go of what he "thinks" things should look like, and to just DO IT HIS WAY. 

When he was younger, he drew from his imagination and didn't care much for making things look realistic. There was no comparing his own drawings to his brother's or anyone's else's. 

It's only a year on, and I can see that side of him slipping away. And I think as adults, that's what we tend to do as well. We put this expectation on ourselves to create in a certain way because we have this idea in our heads about what the "right" way looks like.

After we had a talk about it, he came back to me with this little bit of inspiration. These are his own words, not mine.

I'm inspired by these wise words. I must remember to "let go of expectations" in my own creative projects. 

Hope your weekend is full of creative happiness xx


  1. Sue this is spectacular!!! And Jake you are so very clever to grasp that concept so young and before the effects of comparing yourself to others takes hold. Oh how I wish I had the confidence in life that I do now way back when I was at school. (Not that I have heaps now but I'm it's gradually growing within) Sue blu-tak this above your work space. All those things - overthinking, indecision, self doubt (and throw in a bit of being overwhelmed for fun) stopped me from doing my Project Life. You can do it honey. Just start. Anywhere. Any week. Just start. Momentum will soon take over. Trust me. xxx

    1. Thank you Jodie. I have seen how you are going great guns with your Project Life. Well done you! You totally get it, i am also overwhelmed because there is so much I want to get done and it is actually a roadblock for me. I really appreciate you stopping by to leave your kind words of encouragement. xx

  2. Oh Sue! He is just beautiful! What an amazing little mind! I love his punk pictures they are awesome. You are right, we can learn so much from our kids! Maybe start there with your PL? Your boys are beautiful just like their mumma! ❤️

    1. Thank you very much Miss Ali. I am going to work on a spread right now after I finish writing this to you :) I have a feeling my little Jake is an old soul because he often stuns me with his wisdom when I least expect it. xx


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