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Hello and welcome to another guest in my INSPIRING MY EVERYDAY series! My intention from the beginning was to not feature only crafters, even though there are many crafters/bloggers who's work I admire. 

I wanted to introduce you to some people who inspire me in my everyday life. You can check out the other guests here.

My guest today does however fall into the category of both crafter and blogger. And although I love her Project Life layouts, she inspires me in other areas of my life too.

Meet my good friend Kellie. Kellie is a wife, and mother of 3 gorgeous girls. She is the author of Give a Girl a Blog, and owner of Aussie stamp company Kellie Stamps.  

One of the things I admire most about Kellie is the way she is dedicated to spending quality time with her girls. She has movie night with them at least once a week, if not more. Not to mention organising super fun crafting projects for her little two during school holidays as well. I really love that she does that. 

She told me something that has really stuck with me. Kellie said when her girls come to her, even if she is in the middle of something, she will stop and look them in the eye so they know they have her full attention. How simple is that for being present with the kids!? This is something I now do with my two boys. 

So let's meet Kellie!

What were you doing before Kellie Stamps and what inspired the beginnings of your business?

Before Kellie Stamps, how far back, haha.  Before my youngest two I was in administration for a works company. I absolutely loved my job, but I wanted to be a stay at home mum this time round. 

Just before I started Kellie Stamps, I had our youngest at home with me, middle girl in kindergarten and eldest in school.

I was inspired to start Kellie Stamps when I started to get into project life.  I really started to get into stamping and I was frustrated at what was available for Australian's with our way of spelling.  The fact we have Summer at Christmas and so on.  

Describe one of your happy places. (happy place is open to your own interpretation)

Home.  Honestly I can be a bit of a hermit.  But I feel safe, happy and myself in my home with my family.  If ever I'm away and I feel ill, getting home will instantly make me feel that little bit better.  

Who inspires you and why?

Oh this is a hard one, and the funny thing is, I ask it to people I interview as well.  I'm honestly inspired by so many crafters and bloggers.  But I'd have to say, my girls.  After watching them craft their hearts out the other day, I realised they these 3 girls, they inspire me way more than I've ever actually realised.  Kira inspires me with her strength and courage that I completely lacked at her age, being extremely shy.

You and your husband have a beautiful connection.  Can you describe what you love and admire about him?

Thank you Sue, that is so incredibly sweet of you to say.  How long do we have, haha?  

I love that he makes me laugh, daily.  I admire his complete honesty and loyalty.  I love his devotion to our girls.  But most of all I love that he can walk in after a busy and often hard day at work with a smile on his face, a kiss and cuddle for us all, even Pippa our dog, minus the kiss for her though, haha. I've often have to race her to him.  Last of all, the fact that the day we married he started calling me 'wifey'.

It has been said that children are our greatest teachers. What has motherhood taught you? 

Patience, and I'll be the first to admit there are days I'm still not very good at it. It's taught me to be more open. It taught me that I didn't realise you could love 3 people so darn much that you could burst.  

The one thing I do struggle with is letting go.  Kira is a teen and almost 16 and I'm having a lot of trouble letting her experience life, because I'm not letting her make her own mistakes, to learn from them. Something I'm working on and something we talk about.

Can you share one of your proudest moments?

One, well hmmmm. Giving birth is right up there, of course, something I share with Luke and I will always cherish.  

But a proudest moment for me personally would be the day I got my licence. I got it later in life and I was so nervous and had been practicing so much with my mother in law, so nervous as I fail tests easily because I crack under the pressure of tests. But I aced it, and I was so proud of  myself.

Lastly, what would your friends say are the three things they most love about you?

My humor.
Being there when they need me most.
Last of all I would hope would be my loyalty.

Is there anything coming up for Kellie Stamps that you would like to share?

Every month I've got 1-2 releases.  In the coming months there might even be a month of 3-5 sets being released in the one month!

Thank you Kellie for sharing a bit more about yourself today!

You can find Kellie on her blog here, her shop here, and her Instagram @giveagirlablog.

A few more guest to come so stay tuned!

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