Sunday, 8 March 2015

PRINTABLE FREEBIES | Handwritten Quote Cards for Project Life

Hiya! Just a quick post today to share a few FREE printables I had promised to those who had mentioned their interest on Instagram.

These filler cards I have handwritten and scanned for use in my Project Life Journal. You can read more here

The card on the left is a quote I found that I really love because it is how I feel about my husband. Which is why I included the #iloveyou stamp from Kellie Stamps when I used it in my PL journal (pictured above). Unfortunately, I cannot find the author of the quote for inclusion.

The one on the right are words I wrote myself in a moment where I was letting self comparison impose on my own sense of self worth. We've all done that at some point, right?

Just click on the links below to download the cards.



Please let me know in the comments if you have downloaded the printables. Remember to tag me on Instagram (@themakingtable) if you share something you have created with the freebie cards as I would love to see it!

Happy Crafting everyone! xx


  1. Gorgeous cards Sue. I just love these sentiments. Thank you for sharing them :)

  2. Thank you for this cards. Love teh handwriting.

  3. Thank you for this cards. Love teh handwriting.


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