Friday, 20 February 2015

ON MY MIND | Keeping journals for my family.

I found this cute little card sitting on my keyboard Monday morning after I dropped the kids to school and ready to start my workday. I was blown away that my husband handmade and illustrated a card for me. 

Of course the tear jerker was the sweet message inside. It's nice to be told you are loved, appreciated and to know that someone notices you for all that you are and do. 

Which brings me to the journals I started as of 1 January this year, for the boys, my husband, and a gratitude journal for myself. 

Journals from kikki k stamped with personalised stamps from Kellie Stamps.

I was inspired by this blog post by Becky Higgins. 

I wanted to do more than my pocket page albums this year, and have more daily awareness and appreciation of the amazingness of my boys AND my husband. I want to have more awareness and appreciation of the amazingness of MY every day.

I document so much about the boys that I sometimes put my husband and myself last. This year I'm making changes with the journals and having an album just for me, here

I have no rules about how often or how much I write in our journals. I write when I feel like it, which has generally been at least a few times a week. No pressure. 

It has been less that two months into the year and reading back on previous entries is really awesome. When the boys read their journals, their smiles tell me they feel proud of themselves and happy I notice what they do.

Also, when it comes to my monthly Project Life albums, I already have stories recorded in the journals to jog my memory! 

The other thing is when the boys read the things I appreciate about them, I hope it will pave the way for them to learn how to practice gratitude for the positives in their day as well. 

My youngest may be starting to learn gratitude already. Here's a recent entry I wrote in his journal:

"You told me today was 'the best day ever'. I love your joy for all the wonderful things in your day. Without even being consciously aware of it, you practice gratitude like a pro. Your reasons for it being such an awesome day include: having casserole for lunch. Having swimming AND moving up a level. You were always a turtle and now you are a fish! I watched as you swam so beautifully like never before. I was bursting with pride. And then I made chicken rice paper rolls for your afternoon snack before Taekwondo which you said you LOVE more than casserole! And then at TKD you earned all the stripes that were being given today. You really did have an amazing day and I am so proud of you."

I have always loved this quote from the movie Shall We Dance (2004), and have shared it before:

"Your life will not go unnoticed,
 because I will notice it.
Your life will not go un-witnessed,
because I will be your witness"

The above quote sums up why I use Project Life. It is why I am passionate about memory keeping. It's why I am keeping these journals for my family. I want them to know that I notice them

It's so easy to simply exist. I believe memory keeping, in all it's wondrous forms, helps us live more intentionally. And I love that. 

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