Saturday, 17 August 2013

This week's crafty learnings.

Whenever I scrap, I always learn something new. It could be about my own scrapping "style", or I tweak my memory-keeping approach. Or maybe I find a new way to do something, or I find a new technique to try. 

Today I'm sharing my learnings from this week.

1. Finish one event/month for both boys before starting pages for a new event/month.

Because I am scrapping photos from many years ago, I like to gather the prints from the one event/month and then divide them into a pile for Isaac's album, and one for Jacob's album.

I will then complete the layout for one child before moving on to the other child's album. This way, I feel less overwhelmed and have a sense of completion after each spread.

2. Make your own patterned paper with stamps

This was a fun one. Choose a couple of stamps you like, arrange them on a clear block and away you go. 

Here, I have used the cutlery stamps from Amy Tangerine's Ready Set Go stamp set.

Here, I used the Currently mini stamp set from Give a Girl a... the cutest colon stamp I've ever seen!

3. Better alignment with DIY pull-tabs when using double-sided tape

This may not be news for many of you, but I only discovered it a few days ago. I'm a shocker for sticking things down crooked, but this little trick helped me heaps.

I adhered the double sided tape onto my photo/tag. I then peeled back approx 2cm of the backing, and folded it back to create a pull-tab for when I flipped the photo/tag over.

The pull-tabs acted as a "spring" so the photo didn't stick unless i applied pressure. This allowed me to position the photo/tag until it was to my liking.

Then I held the the photo in place with one hand, pulled one of the tabs to fully remove the adhesive backing to stick it down, and did the same to the rest of the tabs. This really helped minimise crooked photos etc. (those pudgy little hands are Jake's)

I'm so happy to have completed the Christmas pages for the boys. Now I can move onto another month!

Why not try making your own stamped background -- the possibilities are endless! 

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for visiting xx


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