Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Memory Keeping

The past couple of weeks have proven to be a time of reflection and refocus for me. I began my crafting journey a few years ago with the intention to create scrapbook albums for my two boys. What has ended up happening is I have become somewhat of a cardmaker - which i have discovered i thoroughly enjoy. But I have become side-tracked and lost sight of my original intention - creating memory books for my babies (who really aren't babies anymore). 

I realised what is important to me is being able to put together a collection of photos and journalling for my boys. Something they can look back on when they are grown up and remember those little moments of ordinary life that will one day become the extraordinary. Things like being taught how to swim by their dad, or wrestling with eachother whilst watching cartoons, or riding their bikes up and down our street.

I have big plans. And big plans = big time investments. But that's okay, I have already made a start, and sometimes starting is the biggest hurdle! 

In my pursuit to find the perfect way for memory keeping, I have spent hours (and I mean HOURS!) surfing the net for THE ANSWER. I have found lots of inspiration. But with more information comes more options, which means decisions must be made! Digital, traditional or Project Life style? 

I am still undecided. For now, I am going traditional.  Here's some of my recent layouts. Let me know your thoughts on memory keeping, would love to hear from you! 

Supplies: Cardstock, Paper, Stamps, Ribbon from Stampin' Up.
Thickers (title) and Date stamp from Amy Tangerine.

These two ultrasound layouts are meant to go side by side - I am really glad I had the originals scanned in. I resized them all in photoshop so they could all be printed at the same size.

I used the Amy Tangerine Thickers (Goodness) for the titles - makes it so quick and easy! I just can't seem to get enough of Thickers at the moment - absolutely love them!

In this next layout, I was experimenting with the layering. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. My biggest challenge was trying to fit the ankle bracelet into the layout without it looking out of place. In the end, I made a small envelope out of patterned paper and it worked into the layout well. 

The next layout uses multiple photos from the one "photoshoot". By using a semi-grid format, I was able to display all your my favourite shots on the one layout and highlight one image by enlarging and placing in the centre.

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